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Leon LeGant - Psychic Readings and Clairvoyant Healings

My name is Leon LeGant and I'm a psychic clairvoyant by birth, training, and through years of professional experience. I'm blessed to have found my calling in life and my work is my joy. I have a myriad of services that I offer, all to help you in the many areas of your life. We are all human and there are so many aspects of ourselves; ones that we show to the world, ones that we show only to ourselves, as well as ones that we keep in the shadows of our unconscious.

I'm human as well and understand the complexity of the human condition. I'm able to look through your human persona and see you as a spiritual being. With compassion, I will help you understand what influences, blocks, and controls your conscious and unconscious self. Once we know what is affecting you, we can create change by healing and removing those influences that are not serving you. With my healing comes new awareness through which you can make clear conscious decisions and freely create for yourself in your own life.

I take great pride in my work with individuals, families, groups, parties, businesses and organizations. Sometimes a session can be an individual reading for you, other times a healing for a loved one. Businesses are spiritual entities as well; validating what is working, while identify and removing what is not, allows a business to take leaps and bounds towards greater success and creates a fun validating work environment for the staff.

Work for businesses, both small and large, utilizes all my talents as a reader, healer, and teacher. For an employer, psychic services are a great gift to both your business and your employees; helping the staff and management become more productive and happy in their work environment and with themselves personally. It shows your appreciation of your staff and your commitment to them as a whole while working towards the company’s success. It also provides room for guidance regarding what is productive and not productive in the workspace and gives you some tools to move on and improve your company's production.

Teaching is also a passion of mine. I love showing others how to use their own natural psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Through workshops, classes, and training programs, both for individuals and businesses, I will teach you how to see your spiritual self and hear your inner voice so that you can find clear answers and the information you need to heal yourself and create for yourself. Using my clairvoyant meditation tools, people learn to release pain from the body, destroy negative patterns, and establish new healthy habits.

The tools taught allow you to run energy from the earth and the cosmos through your body and charkas to clear and re-energize yourself and help you attain a sense of peace. You can heal from old traumas and get free from the psychological conditioning that keeps you from creating for yourself. It takes effort to create as a human; but with the power of your psychic mind, you can create the reality you desire with ease.

After spending some time with me, you will come away validated and spiritually clear; the power of your creative soul will be free to manifest and experience joy in your body and your life.

You deserve to be happy!


Leon LeGant

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