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Leon LeGant's Background


Leon LeGant has been a professional clairvoyant for over 30 years.

Leon LeGant - Psychic Readings and Clairvoyant HealingsInitially discovering his abilities in adolescence, over the course of several years, Leon's clairvoyant abilities continued to amplify. His ability to see ghosts and the spirits of the dead expanded to include beings and entities from other worlds and dimensions. It was the undeniable ability to see that changed his career path.

In order to really hone his skills, Leon began his training, which would last over the course of 15 years.  This included the Clairvoyant Program, Teachers Program, Trance Medium Program, as well as the One to One Program.

During his training, Leon found a passion for teaching others to harness their own psychic potential. He opened The Psychic School in 2000, where he’s taught thousands of students, including distance learners the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Long-distance psychic training had not been done before and Leon was the first to lead the way.  Most psychic centers today base their distance learning on Leon’s model, which is still very successful.

Leon has the unique ability to look into the deepest pain and fear of his clients and free them from their influence; to truly free their body, mind and soul of old trauma, pain, fears, and anxieties. He hopes someday that he can see every human on earth using their own clairvoyance in a relationship with God and themselves.

Leon currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he enjoys trail running, scuba diving, and weight training.


Berkeley Psychic Institute
Clairvoyant Training Program
1993 to 1994 - Berkeley, CA

Aesclepion Healing Center
Advance Readers Program
1998 to 1999 - San Rafael, CA

Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii
Clairvoyant Teachers Program
2000 to 2004 - Kailua-Kona, HI

Intuitive Vision
Trance Medium Program
2016 to 2021 - Leadville, CO

Intuitive Vision
One to One Program
2021 to 2022 - Leadville, CO


Synesthetic Clairvoyant
15 years of training
30 years in private practice
20 years teaching
Founder of Psychic School
Written and credited in books/magazines
Radio and Television appearances

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