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Leon offers personalized service for every client, including small businesses up to corporate offices. As no two people are alike, neither are clients. Leon will make sure you receive service that relates to you as a unique individual or business.

Clairvoyant Readings

As an individual, we all have a choice in which path to take. Sometimes along the way, we hit a bump in the road or get stuck. With clarity and compassion, Leon finds these blocks or barriers and will shift or lift them.

During a reading, Leon will explore your life lessons, spiritual contracts, and will also find the strengths you possess in your soul. From here, he can give you practical steps for personal growth and reclaiming your divine right to be on path, living a life of miracles.

Towards the end of the reading, there is a powerful healing to wipe away any old patterns or stuck energies. Anything that you may have been holding on to or dwelling on will be released so you can move forward confidently.

Your dreams, power, and prosperity will come rushing back.

Spiritual Healings

Energy that becomes stuck can manifest in a number of ways:

- Physical and emotional illness
- A sense of being stuck or at a standstill
- Self-defeating behavior
- Low self-esteem or self-worth
- Depression or anxiety

Leon, as an accomplished Energy Healer, can work on both emotional or physical trauma. Starting with a clairvoyant reading, Leon will read the layers of your aura and bring your life path into startling focus. By getting to the heart of the matter, he can find the meaning behind any discomfort or distress.

From there, Leon can clean out your energetic system, reset energy fields, and clear the way for personal empowerment. He will give you practical next steps for staying on track. You will find yourself coming from a place of passion for life, healing and prosperity. Back to a space made specifically for you.

Take a deep breath and come back home - to yourself.

Business Consultations

Intuitive business consultants, or corporate psychics, use their intuition to assist companies. Intuitive business consulting tackles strategic, competitive, organizational, cultural, and financial topics in order to make the right decisions quickly and improve the health of the business or the career of an executive.

Leon treats every business as a living, breathing entity. He checks to see if it looks healthy and balanced. How is everything functioning? What is building up? Is there any stuck energy?

And just like every living thing, each business is unique. What Leon offers is a multi-faceted approach to business that caters especially to his client's individual needs.

Since workplaces and businesses vary in size and context, below you'll find a brief list of services offered:

- Owner/Executive Readings
- Clearing Work Site
- Staff Readings
- Conflict Resolution (staff and management)
- Destructive Employees (staff and management)
- Staff Training (staff and management)

House Cleansing

Sometimes it is a simple "heaviness" in the air at your office, other times a "funny feeling" late at night in your apartment, or even poltergeist activity in your new house! Whatever is making your space uncomfortable, let Leon clear it!

As a renowned "cleaner" of houses, Leon can reset the energy of your dwelling or workplace. Useful for increasing productivity and profitability at work, for roommate or neighbor disputes, for buying/selling real estate, and for creating positive energy flow in all aspects of your home life.

Each House Cleansing comes with an insightful energy reading of both you and your home, so you can see how you and your environment are linked. Discover the practical steps to move into alignment and bring comfort, ease and success into your living space.

Paranormal Phenomena

Most paranormal activity is difficult to address, since there are so many aspects of it. Leon has personally dealt with many of these things and has also helped numerous clients through their paranormal encounters. Every situation is unique and handled carefully, with the utmost discretion. Please contact us directly so your situation can be assessed and expertly handled

Leon LeGant - Psychic Clairvoyant

Personal Specializations:

Professional Readings:
- Career Counseling
- Relationship Therapy
- Dream Interpretation
- Family Dynamics
- Health and Wellness
- Alternative Lifestyle

Intensive Healings:
- Energy Clearing
- Emotional Restoration
- Trauma Recognition and Remediation
- Spiritual Conflicts
- Paranormal Phenomenon


Business Specializations:

- Grow Your Business
- Attract New Customers
- Validate Staff
- Effective Marketing
- Competitive Analysis

- Management and Ownership
- Business Control and Direction
- Government Influence
- Effective Marketing
- Competitive Analysis

- Money Incoming and Outgoing
- Cut Spending and Losses
- Staff Compensation
- Investors and Angels
- Increase Profitability

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