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To whom it may concern,

This is a personal recommendation for Leon LeGant. It has been my sincere pleasure to know and work with Leon as a client of his for the past six months.

Our family has had many years of working with psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors, due to my adopted children's difficult life beginnings. Years of expense, effort, and disappointment were the overall results.

In two sessions, Leon was able to help the children understand their life choices, the need for self acceptance and their ability to change their circumstances by their own empowerment.

Our 15-year-old son who has struggled with attention deficit disorder all of his life, has become more settled, able to concentrate, and shows genuine signs of being interested in learning.

Our 14-year-old son has learned to expand his personal expectations in self-accomplishment. In addition, the anger he struggled with concerning adoption and abandonment has been replaced with joy and affection for his family.

I have nothing but praise for this young man's abilities. He is a "seer" with a genuine healer's heart.

- K. L. Hetherington


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