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To whom it may concern,
My name is Tony C. I am a professional engineer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. If I had not witnessed the following events with my own eyes, I would not believe that they had occurred, but they did.

Sunday - My wife Kristie was cleaning the house. She noticed a presence that she could not explain. Someone laid their hands on her shoulder as she was vacuuming our bedroom and the vacuum kept turning on and off at random. As she turned to look, up she saw a shadowy outline of a man standing in one corner of the bedroom. This startled her as one might imagine. The remainder of Sunday was uneventful.
Monday - After Kristie came home, weird things started happening in the house. I walked into our bedroom and noticed that our pillows were stacked on the bed in the shape of an "A" and my lamp was turned upside down and balanced on its shade. My wife and our roommate both came to see. Okay, I thought, someone came in through the window and did this. Later in the evening, every time one of us would go into our bedroom, something would be turned upside down. The clock, the lamp, and the pillows. In our kitchen, one chair would be turned upside down on top of the kitchen table. All three of us started to get very frightened and eventually left the house, believing it was haunted.
Tuesday - We returned to our home and as soon as we arrived, everything started happening again. I contacted a well-known woman psychic who could come over that night to clear our house of what she referred to as beings. She came over and sat us down around the dining room table. She supposedly went into a trance, talked with "Arnie", Kristie's dead father, and helped him into the light. She told us that he loved us and that he wanted us to know that he was taking care of his girl. Upon payment of $225.00 to this psychic, she guaranteed that our house was now cleared. We had no choice but to believe her.
Wednesday - There was no activity in the house all day. We did not know then that this would be the scariest night of any of our lives. Kristie came home from work at 7:15 p.m. At 7:30, our house was turned completely upside down as before but much more. In our bedroom, Kristie began to see the same being she had seen on Sunday. He began to talk to her saying that he was going to hurt her. It was very frightening, to say the least. The being, who called himself Michael, actually pushed Kristie back and she landed in my arms. At one point, she felt him enter her body. She took on the voice of a man. I tried everything I could to convince Michael to leave but he would not. He just kept on terrorizing my wife as well as me. I was so frightened that I decided we would stay at the motel again that night. About half way to the motel, Kristie turned around and said that Michael was in the car with us. I told her not to talk to him. It did not matter. When we got to the motel the chair in the room had been turned upside down. All my wife could do was cry. It seemed that it entered her body and stayed there. She took on the male voice again and told me that nothing was ever going to be okay again. During this time, I had been calling the psychic that had guaranteed her work. She never called back. We were completely exhausted and finally fell asleep. We did not sleep well.

Thursday - Kristie and I returned home. I was determined that my darling wife was not going to go through any more of these hauntings or whatever it was. I pulled out the phone book and called everyone listed under psychics. At some point during the day, I got in touch with one psychic that actually impressed me. As I talk to him on the telephone, he described the being to me just as Kristie had. For some reason, I knew right then that this guy could help us. I think he sensed my anxiety and agreed to be at our house before Kristie got there. This man's name is Leon LeGant and we thank God that he came into our lives.
When I arrived with Kristie from picking her up at the bus stop, Leon introduced himself to Kristie and asked her to sit directly across from him at the dining room table. For the next two hours, Leon was in trance and removed the beings from Kristie's space and from the house. As it turns out, Kristie is highly psychic and these paranormal activities were occurring through her. He removed all of the negative spirits from Kristie's space saying that this particular being was tricky and did not want to leave. We knew this. Kristie could actually see the being, so Leon drew on her power and God's power to erase him. At the end of the session, Leon and Kristie walked through the house and my wife could tell that it was gone and it was not coming back. Her burden had been lifted, her space lightened, and her life changed forever. Now, instead of Kristie seeing that frightening being, she is able to see her guardian angel, named Samuel, who is helping my wife to develop her psychic abilities. Our journey has changed course now, our beliefs have been transformed, and our reality has been forever altered by the events of that week. We thank God for Leon LeGant.

- Tony and Kristie C


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